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cnbc March homes sales dropped despite a surge in supply
reuters US homebuilding pulls back; manufacturing turning the corner
cnbc What the National Association of Realtors' settlement means for consumers and real estate
us-news New Home Sales Plunged in October as Prices Fell
us-news U.S. housing starts rise 'unexpectedly' for the second straight month
bloomberg Home Prices in US Hit Record High, Erasing Recent Decline
realtor-com 5 Solid Reasons To Buy a House Now, Despite High Rates - and 2 Reasons To Wait
cnbc Mortgage demand from homebuyers drops to a 28-year low
cnbc Mortgage rates jump back over 7% as inflation fears drive yields higher
us-news Fire Safety Tips for Your Home
realtor-com How to Buy a House in Your 20s - and Why You Really Should
us-news What You Should Know About Tenant Rights
us-news The Ins and Outs of Air Rights
realtor-com Are We Approaching Bubble Territory in the U.S. Real Estate Market?
realtor-com Tax Deductions on Home Equity Loans and HELOCs: What You Can (and Can't) Write Off
us-news 10 Helpful House Hunting Apps for 2022
realtor-com 'Home Price Appreciation Will Normalize.'
housing-wire Homeowners Gain $8.2 Trillion in Housing Wealth Over 10 Years
usa-today 3 Reasons First-Time Buyers Should Stick with Starter Homes - Even if You Can Afford More
us-news Renovating Your Home in 2022: 3 Things to Know
realtor-com The Price Is Wrong: Many Underestimate These Home Improvement Costs
realtor-com As Boomers Downsize, Competition Grows for Simpler - but Not Always Smaller - Homes
livabl-buzzbuzz-home 'It's Not the All-Out Feeding Frenzy Seen Earlier.'
housing-wire Housing Affordability Improves for Second Straight Month
realtor-com 10 Crucial Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling Your Home
us-news Everything You Need to Know About Appraisal Gaps
realtor-com How Much Does It Cost To Build a House - and Is It Cheaper To Buy or Build?
housing-wire Manufactured Housing is Key to Affordable Homeownership
realtor-com The Best Week of the Year for Homebuyers To Purchase Property
cnbc Here's Why Experts Believe the U.S. is in a Housing Boom and Not a Bubble
bloomberg U.S. Annual Home Prices Gain a Record 18% in July
realtor-com August 2021 Monthly Housing Market Trends Report
usa-today 6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home
housing-wire US Home Price Growth Hit Record Level in June
livabl-buzzbuzz-home Pending Home Sales Continue to Cool Across U.S.
new-york-times The U.S. Real Estate Market Begins to Cool After Bump From the Pandemic
us-news What Is a Duplex?
housing-wire 5 Steps to Choosing a Home That Will Appreciate in Value
us-news What is the Maximum Price I Can Afford for a House?
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